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DME - The molding industry patriarch

Founded in 1941, DME's standardized mold bases revolutionized the injection molding industry. Since that time, DME engineers have worked tirelessly developing new products and components to improve molded part quality and process efficiency, and DME continues to be the pacesetter in the industry.

DME applied the same technical ingenuity and began offering heated components in the early 1970's. Just like DME's plethora of mold component solutions, since entering the hot runner market DME has continued to develop hot runner products and solutions to give our customers a competitive advantage.

1975: The Cool One System

The original DME complete hot half system, the internally heated Cool One. An evolution of non-heated insulated runners of the time, the Cool One provided complete melt control from machine nozzle to part gate, allowing re-start of the mold without disassembly and clean out.

1977: Straight Shot Nozzles

Compact and affordable, provides molders with an easy transition away from a cold sprue.

1978: Gate Mate Nozzles

Introduced advanced gating options for direct injection / single cavity applications, as well as multi-cavity applications when used with the original DME Flow Mate manifold system.

1985: The Hot One System

What became the DME standard hot half platform, the externally heated Hot One introduced multiple open gate styles and was a system that could be used for a much wider range of resins.

1999: The Galaxy System

Building on the success of the GateMate-4 nozzle, Galaxy was created as a cost-saving design for high-cavitation cap & closure molds.

2004: The Stellar System

Advanced system for molding very small parts, often in compact mold bases. Design also supported more complex resins.

2011: The DMAX High Performance Hot Sprue Bushing

As single cavity and prototype tools grew in demand, DMAX was created to provide similar mold design and processing parameters that would later be used in the multi-cavity build for the same products. Based on DME's very successful Hot One nozzle designs.

2015: The Stellar 7000 System

In response to customer requests for a manifold and component version of the popular Stellar Hot Halves, the 7000 Series provided mold makers the opportunity to reduce mold costs without sacrificing performance.

2021: The Global SmartONE System

The culmination of DME's forty years of hot runner development led to the SmartONE, a global, modular hot runner system incorporating the best features of our Hot One and Stellar systems. The result is a very economical, yet our most versatile system released to date. SmartONE supports a very wide range of resins, and clean flow paths and gate tip designs facilitate rapid color changes.