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The DME Hot Runner Lineage Continues....

EcoONE-Series is the next evolution in DME's long line of hot runner product offerings. EcoONE-Series combines the best of DME's legacy systems with today's hot runner technology. Available in both thermal and valve gate configurations, six flow paths and several gate options, the modular EcoONE-Series is an incredibly flexible and competent hot runner system supporting a very wide range of resins, including many complex engineering resins.

EcoONE-Series is a true global platform, with service and component availability in North America, Europe and Asia. Designed to compete with advanced systems yet reasonably priced.

DME Fully Engineered
Hot Runner Systems

EcoONE-Series Rethinking Melt Delivery

Precision Temperature

Our heater technology offers stable heating with minimal heat loss. Direct heating via replaceable brass sleeve heaters for diffusion into the nozzle body. Thermocouples are ideally positioned for accurate temperature control, all serviceable within the molding machine. The result is an even temperature profile along the entire length of the nozzle, guaranteeing high process reliability and repeatability. The EcoONE-Series system accommodates a broad range of polymers.

More Processing Control

Accurate melt distribution from the barrel to the gate and throughout the cavity delivers consistent molding results.

EcoONE-Series's tip designs minimize melt residency in the gate well to ensure quick color change performance.

Extreme Durability

Our systems are built to perform through the life cycle of the tool 24/7, by incorporating hardened nozzle bodies and wear resistant tip needles and manifolds when the application requires it.

EcoONE-Series Hot Runner Systems


  • Six different nozzles sizes to match your application requirements:

    4, 6, 8 & l0mm flow paths standard nozzle lengths 50-180mm

    12 & 16mm flow paths standard nozzle lengths 50-300mm

  • Tip options include Sprue and Extended sprue gates, Bodiless and Full Body point gates
  • Clean flow path and tip designs enable rapid color changes
  • Valve gate actuator cylinders Pneumatic and Hydraulic, 700 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Valve gate actuation options include individual (sequential) or all open/all closed
  • Available for 2- to 32-drops using a thermally and geometrically balanced manifold


  • Thoroughly engineered, cost-effective system
  • Replacement / spare part availability globally
  • Valve Gate nozzles available for sequential part filling and/or superior gate cosmetics, eliminating the need for gate trimming secondary operations
  • Valve Gate Cylinder design allows removal or setting of Valve Pins without system disassembly
  • Easily matched with DME temperature and valve gate control systems
  • Regional service centers around the world

EcoONE-Series Hot Runner Manifold Systems

EcoONE-Series Hot Runner Manifold Systems are designed with balanced runner systems to efficiently deliver the melt to the cavity. Design selection is based on process variables such as resin, shot size, gate vestige and overall system performance requirements.


  • Turn-Key Systems: Complete hot half assemblies are fully assembled and power tested, ready to bolt on to the mold base, eliminating the need for machining, wiring and testing before the mold trial run.
  • All Manifold & Component systems come complete with: Tubular Heaters, Thermocouples, Titanium Pressure Pads, Manifold & Nozzle Locators as required.
  • All Manifold & Component systems are supplied with full system drawings.
  • Balanced Design: Thermal and geometric balancing provides uniform distribution, cavity to cavity.
  • Tubular Heating Elements provide excellent heat distribution throughout the manifold and standard replacement parts are available globally " off the shelf quick delivery.
  • Hardened Steel Construction to provide a solid, long-life foundation.
  • Mold flow analysis is available, upon request, for all manifold inquiries.