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D-Max High Performance Hot Sprue Bushings

Capability For Engineering and Commodity Grade Resins 

The D-Max hot sprue bushings are based on DME’s very successful Hot One hot runner nozzle assemblies. The wear resistant tip options make the D-Max hearty enough to process engineering resins, and the two heater design is essential for the precise temperature control required to process such resins. Readily available in many different flow channel and length combinations, with three gate options. Proven to be reliable with a long service life, the D-Max bushings have become the standard for many mold makers.

DMax High Performance

 Features and Benefits:

  • Two heater design for precise thermal control
  • 3 Flow Channel sizes (250, 375 & 625 Series)
  • Many standard lengths (up to 190mm)
  • 3 Tip / Gate options (Sprue, Point and Bodiless)
  • Standard and Wear Resistant tips