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Dual Zone Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings

The Equatemp® Dual Zone Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings are unique designs incorporating individual head and more nozzle body heaters, allowing for accurate control to yield a more  consistent thermal profile, essential when processing tight tolerance engineering resins.

Three-tip designs provide flexibility for direct or runner gating, and the full body and topless tips are available with either standard or wear-resistant needles. The “extra-stock” style sprue bushing tips provide additional material for machining profiles or part contours. A replaceable nozzle thermocouple is located at the tip and near the melt flow, improving controllability.

Equatemp Dual Zone

Features and Benefits:

  • Separate, individually controllable head and nozzle body heaters - to maintain a more consistent thermal profile for more accurate temperature control
  • Designed for engineered resins – higher temperatures and tighter temperature tolerances
  • Integral heater insulation – improves heat transfer and efficiency
  • Fully sealed construction – for increased reliability
  • High-grade alloy steel construction – for increased durability