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MB Standard Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings

The Equatemp® Integrally Heated Sprue Bushings are unique and simple designs incorporating internal heating elements, allowing for more accurate control to yield a more consistent thermal profile. The MB bushings are very rugged and will deliver long operational life.

These internally-heated devices are an economical option for processing commodity grade resins. Unique design characteristics deliver the highest heat transfer rate, accurate temperature readings and longer heater life, adding up to optimum melt flow control.

Three tip diameters (0.750, 1.000 and 1.500) offer flexibility for direct or runner gating. The “extra-stock” style sprue bushing tips provide additional material for machining profiles or part contours. A replaceable thermocouple is located at the tip and near the melt flow, improving controllability.

Equatemp MB Series

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and economical – designed for commodity resin
  • Integral heater insulation – improves heat transfer and efficiency
  • Fully sealed construction – for increased reliability
  • High-grade alloy steel construction – for increased durability