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Gate-Mate® Hot Sprue Bushings

The DME Gate-Mate Hot Sprue Bushing is designed for direct part gating in single-cavity molds, eliminating the conventional cold sprue, ­improves part quality, increases production.

The unique design of the bushing provides minimal gate vestige without the objectionable witness lines so commonly found on direct gated parts. 

The plated copper alloy tip provides an improved temperature profile in the gate area and the DME Gate-Mate utilizes an advanced ­design square coil heater and independent thermocouple, strategically located for precise temperature control. The bushing is ­ available in three sizes to suit various applications.


The Mini Gate-Mate bushings are ideal for fast-cycling single cavity molds. The compact design permits shorter overall stack-up of the “A” side mold plates.


NOTE: The Gate-Mate Is Only Suitable For Commodity Grade Resins.


Features and Benefits:

  • Provides optimum gate cosmetics
  • Provides optimum gate cosmetics
  • Self-insulating material layer surrounds tip for better tip control and part cooling
  • Square coil heater and independent thermocouple provide precise temperature control
  • Available in Mini, Medium and Jumbo sizes with a variety of injection machine nozzle tip radius sizes