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Straight Shot® Hot Sprue Bushings

DME developed the Straight Shot Hot Sprue Bushings to eliminate sprues, permit larger shots and faster fills, and greatly extend heater life. The Standard S-Series Straight Shot is designed for direct part gating or for feeding half-round or trapezoidal runners. Available in S, E, ER, T and TR series to accommodate a wide range of mold and molding applications.

NOTE: The Straight Shot Is Only Suitable For Commodity Grade Resins.


Features and Benefits:

  • The bushings feature an unrestricted "straight shot" channel to feed the part or runner
  • Material in the channel is heated by a special helical tubular heater which surrounds the melt channel
  • The heater distributes heat uniformly throughout the bushing and is virtually impervious to moisture, gases and plastics contamination
  • Available is seven standard shoulder lengths with either a 1/2" or 3/4" spherical radius and 120V or 240V heater
  • The S-Series can be retrofitted to almost any mold that uses a conventional sprue bushing