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SMART SERIES® ITSP Plus Temperature Controller

The Smart Series ITSP Plus intelligent temperature controller is an advanced platform that gives the molding operator the greatest compliment of process and diagnostic tools than any other controller in its class. Employing a full-color 7” touchscreen display and operating software that is intuitively navigable. Advanced microcontroller technology allows for precise temperature control with automatically deployed diagnostics to guarantee optimal hardware configuration and performance. Robust design, including six zone 15 amp “all in one” output cards for reliability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic leak detection
  • Continuous ground fault and current measurement
  • Field calibratable
  • Unique low voltage soft-start feature maximizes heater life
  • Uniform startup feature reduces scrap and energy usage
  • Proprietary adaptive auto-tuning control algorithm
  • Phase angle (time proportional) or pulse (zero cross) firing modes for most accurate control
  • Tool storage up to (100) molds
  • Control accuracy: 0.01°F
  • Field selectable PID integration rates to optimize control processes for both large manifolds and small mass nozzles
  • SPI communication Protocol via RS232/RS485 included
  • Optional full function IO communications capability (4 input + 4 output)
ITSP Intelligent