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SMART SERIES ® M2+ Advanced Temperature Controller

The Smart Series M2+ is our most advanced controller. A full-featured platform with cutting-edge capabilities for superior molding performance. Well suited for tight process control on all co-injection applications, it is your best choice as a direct replacement for many existing outdated controller platforms.

Features and Benefits:

Large, intuitive touch screen controls

  • Modernized interface
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Rapid response rates
  • Monitors available in 12” or 17”

Advanced Functionality

  • KORTEC auto cavity balancing
  • Auto leak detection
  • Auto tool diagnostics
  • TC auto slave
  • And much more

IO Alarm Interlock

  • Interface with any injection machine
  • Triggers an alarm when issues are identified
  • Pauses the molding process until corrected
  • Helps maintain process consistency

Wireless network control

  • Multi cell operation
  •  Multiple IP operation
  • Download/Upload tool set-up
  • Valuable for clean room applications

Service Friendly

  • LED status lights make it quick and easy to identify issues
  • Cards can be swapped out in seconds
  • Significantly reduces downtime

Unbeatable Reliability

  • 5 year warranty
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Reduced spare part inventory
M2+ Advanced