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SMART SERIES® Temperature Controller Accessories

DME has led the hot runner control industry for nearly 40 years. The variety of interconnect solutions we have provided customers is nearly endless, and our technical support staff is always readily available to assist customers in solving odd and unexpected configuration challenges.

DME stocks a very wide range of temperature controller accessories; mainframe and control console step-down transformers, DME standard mold power and thermocouple cables, mold terminal boxes and connector repair kits. Special cable, connector and mold box configurations upon request.

Features and Benefits:

  • Industry standard mold power and thermocouple cables and connectors
  • Mold power cables are industry BEST #14 AWG to meet National Electric Code standards
  • Thermocouple cables are shielded and use stranded conductors to guard against breaking
  • A very wide variety of mold connector boxes are in stock, can be used for DME standard and non-standard configurations
  • Stocked and competitively priced repair connector kits and replacement parts


Cables & Accessories