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SMART SERIES® SVG and SVG-C Valve Gate Controllers

Enhanced control of valve gate sequence and timing for pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Improve mold balance and part quality. Essential control when molding complex or large parts.

Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Fill Control 

  • Programmable sequence and timing
  • Manage up to 24 valves
  • Up to 4 steps per cycle

Large Intuitive Touch Screen 

  • Quick and easy process monitoring and adjustments
  • Real time graphs
  • Configurable Easy View status page

IMM Communications 

  • Controller links triggers to the IMM
  • Ensures process precision and repeatability

Universal Compatibility 

  • Easily connect to DME or any other manufactuers’ valve gate hot runner system

Optional hydraulic and pneumatic control valves 

  • Control and adjust valve pin opening speeds
  • Minimize/eliminate visual defects common to large part production
  • Upgrade your hydraulic system anytime


SVG-12 Intelligent and SVG-C12 Compact Controllers