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Hot Runner
Service Center

DME Can Service & Maintain any Hot Runner System
Service & Support

A Dedicated Center for Hot Runner Systems

Located in Madison Heights, Michigan, exclusively dedicated to supporting most manufacturers’ hot runner systems. Staffed by a team whose sole focus is hot runner, DME an quickly get your system back into production. Our team has over three decades of experiene installing, assembling and repairing hot runner systems, and we will ensure your system will be back in your shop as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

DME’s hot runner service center also offers non-emergency service, such as:

Preventative Maintenance

  • Replace worn components before they fail
  • Maximize system performance
  • Ensures peak part quality
  • Decrease system downtime
  • Protects your investment (greater ROI)

Complete Refurbishment

  • Cost reduced 40% compared to new
  • Extend the life of the tool
  • Maximize system uptime and performance
  • Increase system ROI


Hot Runner Service Center

In the event of a catastrophe…

Time is money. When a critical tool is out of commission, productivity is lost and production quotas can’t be met. DME takes your critical situation very seriously, and our dedicated team of hot runner technical specialists are always available to get you producing parts again. Our bake-out oven and all necessary equipment is in the service center. All flood repairs are expedited, turnaround time for repairs will vary depending on the availability  of replacement parts. 

Typical service includes:

  • Complete bake-out cleaning
  • Check and replace heaters and thermocouples
  • Inspect and correct wiring & connectors, replace as necessary
  • Replace seals, bushings and other wear items
  • Protects your investment (greater ROI)
  • Clean or replace nozzle components
  • Check and validate all dimensions through assembly
  • Complete power test

Service Before After